Payroll Deduction / Direct deposit
Payroll deductions for board of education and city employees
Automated Clearing House (ACH) credits accepted
Use our ABA#221273140 and your account number for the deposit of payments

VISA Debit Card
Unlimited swipe and sign POS purchases
Surcharge free ATM access at Allpoint machines

Enroll online for internet access. Use our mobile app to access by smart phone

Online Bill Payer
Pay one time or recurring bills for free
Account to account (A2A) transfers to link your accounts at other institutions
Popmoney to pay people

ART Line: 800-598-8983
24 access by phone for information and transfers

Miscellaneous Services
Visa Gift Cards
Rechargeable EMV Travel Cards
Personal Money Orders
FREE Notary Service

Insurance Coverage
NCUA share insurance
Covers $250,000.00 per account and insures IRA accounts separately
Coverage can be extended based on account ownership

GAP Insurance
Available on vehicles financed through the credit union
Includes GAP payment and $1000.00 toward a replacement car